Certifying Civilian Firearms Instructors – A Non-Governmental Approach

Gun Culture 2.0

The growing number of private citizens interested in the use of firearms for self-defense both fosters and is fostered by the rise of the civilian gun training (cottage) industry. The civilian firearms training industry helps to solve the problem of teaching individuals with little or no personal (e.g., family, military, or law-enforcement) background in firearms to use them effectively for self-defense, or to improve the skills of those that do have a background in firearms.

But the proliferation of civilian gun trainers in the 40 years since Col. Jeff Cooper taught his first open-enrollment American Pistol Institute classes at Gunsite Ranch in 1976 itself potentially creates new problems to be addressed. The most pressing of these is the issue of quality, both from the perspective of (some in) the industry and for (some) consumers.

In this series of posts, I have examined two different vehicles for quality assurance in…

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