Savage Arms Under Fire For Exploding Barrels


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H/T AP News.

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) β€” It was the opening day of deer hunting season, and Ronald Hansen says he loaded his rifle the same way he had countless times before, aimed at a target and fired a shot.

This time, the gun barrel exploded, knocking the farmer from Hampton, Iowa, backward, severely damaging his right hand and ear and burning his face.

Unknown to Hansen, the manufacturer of the rifle that injured him in 2014 had received other complaints of explosions and injuries over the prior decade. Customers repeatedly reported that the barrel of the stainless steel 10 ML-II muzzleloader exploded, burst, split or cracked, according to thousands of court documents reviewed by The Associated Press.

Lawyers for the company, Westfield, Massachusetts-based Savage Arms, were expected to appear Wednesday in federal court in Iowa to defend against a lawsuit filed by Hansen. He is seeking damages for…

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1 Response to Savage Arms Under Fire For Exploding Barrels

  1. Brittius says:

    I was thinking about this, and wonder if any of the rifles were hydro-fired with bores wet with oil or solvent? Not normal for catastrophic failure such as those with barrel bursting. I also wondered if there was any ammunition issues, such as, squib followed by a normal round, or a double charged cartridge, or tinkered rounds with “a little of this, some of that, a pinch of this for good luck”. Why didn’t the pressure relief port vent excessive pressures? I have had that happen. Burned under my eye. Rifle at the time, sang out and there was a crack sound, but there was no barrel bursting.

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