Virginia 2a Protest

Good Summary of the 2A Rally In Virginia!
No more Infringements!

Welcome To The Resistance!

I honestly don’t know where to start on this one…

First off, I was totally wrong.

Based on everything I was seeing coming from both sides on the gun control debate in Virginia I was pretty sure this was going to be the modern day version of Lexington Green or Fort Sumpter. This was based on the rhetoric coming from both sides of the political coin, the listing of the groups slated to make an appearance and several other factors. I prayed that I would be wrong and I was, thank God.

It was truly amazing, as I watched the coverage, that so many Americans from so many different walks of life could come together in support of a political point of view without violence. I saw white folks, black folks, Asians, and Hispanics represented. I saw LGBTQ and straight standing together. I saw rainbow flags, US flags, confederate flags…

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