Gun Control Laws Have Never Been About Gun Control They Are About People Control

Jim Campbell's

1,000 Black gun owners plan pro-Second Amendment walk in Oklahoma

Comment by Jim Campbell

June 20th, 2020

Indeed Gun Control Laws have never been about gun control, they are about people control.

It’s great to see this group stand up for the Second Amendment.

American Military News

2nd Amendment Rally

Anthony Crider

June 19, 2020

They will be arriving in peace, and hoping to carry a message.

Omar Chatman, 41, is one of the organizers for 1,000 brothers and sisters in arms, a pro-Second Amendment walk planned for Saturday led primarily by Black gun owners in Oklahoma.

The demonstration, which will begin at 2 p.m. at Ralph Ellison Memorial Library, is intended to bring attention to the fact that Black Americans’ constitutional rights to carry firearms are not often respected, Chatman said.

All are welcome to march in solidarity with the group, which expects between 200 and 300 people…

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