Gun Sales Skyrocket Amid Pandemic And Unrest Fears

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

June 24th, 2020

The author, Chris Dorsey, didn’t take a look at the State of CA which has a completely different take on the topic.

In CA to obtain a CCW one must prove the need, the application goes before a review board, and they shall determine if a permit will be issued.

California is a “Shall Issue,” State, meaning they shall issue a permit if they desire to do so.

We have to pay for them to call a hotline to determine if we have the right to buy ammunition.

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Chris Dorsey

I cover sporting travel, recreational real estate and premium outdoor products.

Nearly 20 million Americans are packing when they travel out of the house…and that total is growing

Man training with knife

Survival expert and consultant Alan Kay advises gun buyers–especially first time owners–to seek.

When it comes to uncertain times, Americans turn to…

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