While American Libs Simpered About “Racist” American Sniper, Iraqis Flocked To The Theater To Watch It

Nice Deb

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Left-wingers continue to seethe about the success of the record-breaking blockbuster American Sniper. Not content to see it as a compelling story about a soldier who was damn good at his job, and struggled to reintegrate when he came home, they see it as an opportunity to bloviate against the Iraq war and the type of people who served in it.

In short, it has allowed the “pro-military” mask to slip off of their simpering, insincere faces, because they are anything but. They’ve proved it with their dishonest criticisms of Chris Kyle who they continue to insult with willful distortions.

No, Kyle did not call all Iraqis “savages.” And the fact that the movie sold out in Baghdad theaters when it was released, suggests that most Iraqis don’t think he did, either.

But some NBC idiot went on Morning Joe Thursday morning to perpetuate that false narrative about The American…

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